Chef Sam Gallegos

photo: Thomas Muirhead

Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, Sam started his career in the restaurant industry in 1989. He quickly worked his way into the kitchen where he found his true passion. Sam’s natural talent surfaced and he has been expanding his repertoire ever since.

In addition to earning his Le Cordon Bleu degree from California Culinary Academy, Sam has had the privilege of working in the kitchens of some amazing chefs. These top chefs include Thomas Keller, Gary Danko, Ming Tsai, and Mark Kiffon.

photo: Thomas Muirhead

Sam’s menus emphasize local, seasonal ingredients. His vast and diverse training allows him to be innovative, creating menu options from around the globe.

At Atalaya Café, Sam will combine his Santa Fe roots with his Culinary training to create a unique dining experience.